Ocean Spirit is a personality quiz and screen share game about Philippine marine biodiversity developed with UP MSI

Play Ocean Spirit the PH Marine Biodiversity Game for free here! (biome-upmsi.github.io)

“Ocean Spirit” is a personality quiz and screen share game about different marine species of the Philippines that aims to highlight the rich marine biodiversity in the country and the need for biodiversity conservation in a fun and entertaining way.

“Ocean Spirit” is one of the first projects of the UP Puerto Galera Biodiversity Center, which will have a program focused on science communication and environmental education to protect the Philippines’ Verde Island Passage (VIP), the global center of marine biodiversity.

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Developed for the University of the Philippines Center for Research and Awareness of Diverse Living Environments (UP CRADLE) at Puerto Galera under the UP MSI, through the support of Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation, Inc.

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