A large megagame about landscape use and negotiation

In this game, 10-28 players are divided into different stakeholder teams: the Upland Migrants, the Indigenous Peoples, the Urban Developers, the Corporation, the LGU, and the NGA. Each team has its own set of challenges to overcome and strengths to help them. Players must negotiate with other teams, perform Actions, and use their landscapes to solve their problems and win the game!

A debriefing session is also held afterward, where synthesis questions were tested to capture the reflections and insights of players from their roles and interactions with other landscape actors.

Using the landscape approach, the SILG Program brings diverse stakeholders from different fields to collaboratively address challenges in the protection and conservation of forested landscapes.

Developed in collaboration with Forest Foundation Philippines. This project is made possible by Tropenbos International in support of the Sustainable and Inclusive Landscape Governance 2.0 Program (SILG).

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Game Design and Development : Nico Valdez

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