boat-logo-only-rgb-tm-squareFounded in 2014, Balangay Entertainment is a group of tabletop game designers that design compelling games infused with Philippine culture.

We believe in the power of games as an artistic and compelling medium that can entertain as well as drive social and cultural change. We create fun, high quality, artistic games for many different purposes such as:
  • For Information, Education, and Communication Campaigns
  • To promote Culture, Folklore, and Indigenous Heritage
  • To expand Popular Entertainment Works
  • And games that are purely for fun!

To deliver on our mission, we train to be a group of game designers of the highest ability, knowledge, flexibility, and creativity.

Custom Game Design

Got an advocacy with complex issues? Need to make education more fun? Looking for a new engaging way to spread information?

Let us design a game that is tailor-fit for your purposes! With your input, we will create a game that is fun, innovative and will give your audience a deeper understanding of your advocacy, educational materials or information campaign.

What are Tabletop Games?

Tabletop Games include Board Games, Card Games, and other games that are played on a table.

Why Tabletop Games?

  • Interactive. Games require their players to actively be part of the experience which causes the amount of learning to be deeper.
  • Fun. It will be easier to make people interested in the subject matter if they are enjoying it.
  • Critical Thinking and Decision Making. Games require you to think, analyze and make decisions for yourself in a safe environment where you can make mistakes.
  • Social. Unlike the majority of video games, tabletop games require players to interact with each other directly which foster good interpersonal skills. Tabletop Games are great for bonding between families and friends.


Game Designers: Nicanor Marco P. Valdez, Aaron John Elmer G. Galzote, Bayosa Aya B. Cariño, Bryan Illana

Graphic Artist: Aaron John Elmer G. Galzote

Education Consultant: Bayosa Aya B. Cariño

Game Designers (inactive): Karlo Gabriel A. Senga, Marx Ian A. Rulloda