Hanapin niyo akooo~~~

Kaya niyo bang talunin si Lastikman sa isang laro ng Tagu-taguan? Sa Lastikman: Tagu-taguan, mag-uunahan kayong hanapin si Lastikman gamit ang mga binibigay niyang Clue! Sino ang mabilis mag-isip at gumalaw? Pabilisan kayo sa isang laro na pang buong pamilya!

Can you beat Lastikman in a game of hide-and-seek? In Lastikman: Tagu-taguan, players compete to find the shapeshifting Lastikman using Clues! Who is the fastest thinker with the fastest reflexes? Find out in this game for the whole family!”

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Game Includes

  • 1 Lastikman Card
  • 16 Palit-Anyo Cards (may sobrang Umbrella card)
  • 42 Clue Cards
  • 2 Hard Mode Lastikman Cards
  • 1 Manual (Tagalog)

Sleeves: Clue Cards are poker/standard size: 3.5″x2.5″. Lastikman, Palit-Anyo, and Quckstart Guide Cards are 120mm x 80mm.



Tutorial Video


Game Designers: Aaron Galzote

Produced by ABS-CBN Corporation and Balangay Entertainment, Inc under license of Mars Ravelo Komiks Characters, Inc.

  • Players: 2-6 Players
  • Game Time: 15 mins
  • SRP: Php 495.00

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