Nawawala ang
Puting Bato ni Darna!

Sa Darna at ang Nawawalang Bato the card game, makikipag-unahan ang mga player para hanapin ang Puting Bato. Isa lamang sa limang bato ang tunay na Puting Bato. Gamitin ang mga Player Cards para silipin, galawin, at makuha ang Puting Bato para maging si Darna!

In Darna and the Missing Stone the card game, be the first to find and claim the Puting Bato. Only one of the 5 stones is the true Puting Bato. Use the Player Cards to look, move, and get the Puting Bato to become Darna!

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Game Includes

  • 5 Bato Cards
  • 16 Player Cards
  • 1 Manual (Tagalog)

Sleeves: Cards are poker/standard size: 3.5″x2.5″



Tutorial Video

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Strategy Tips


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Game Designers: Marx Rulloda and Karlo Senga

Produced by ABS-CBN Corporation and Balangay Entertainment, Inc under license of Mars Ravelo Komiks Characters, Inc.

  • Players: 2-4 Players
  • Ages: 14+
  • Game Time: 10-15mins
  • Price: Php 150.00

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