A game about Copyright and reaching your dreams

Watch our YouTube tutorial to learn how to play the game: Creative Pursuits Tutorial – YouTube

In Creative Pursuits, you are creatives trying to reach your Dreams!

During the game, you will be collecting work-in-progress (WIP) tokens and money to create Intellectual Properties (IPs), which are represented by IP cards. IP cards you’ve created make it easier to make future IPs (because larger IPs are derivative works of smaller IPs). As you accumulate more IPs, it becomes easier and easier to create more ambitious creations.

It is entirely up to you how you would like to utilize each IP you’ve created. Do you want to…

  • …commercialize it to earn money?
  • …make it for Private Use only so that other players cannot use it?
  • …sell it for lots of money?
  • …donate it to the Public Domain to increase your reputation?

Eventually, with enough IP and money, you will be able to achieve your Dreams! Creative Pursuits is an engine-building game for 2-5 players.

Creative Pursuits is part of the IPOPHL-BCRR 2022 Copyright Plus Program whose main purpose is to cater to the copyright-related needs of the creative-based industry (CBIs) specifically of the marginalized, unserved, underserved, minority groups or persons of society.

Game Design, Development, and Graphic Design: Nico Valdez

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