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Hi! This is Nico of Balangay Entertainment. We’re excited to announce our new game…

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This is the official boardgame based on the best-selling comic by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo.

Trese Case Files: War and Chaos is a cooperative board game for 1-5 players. You will play as the characters from Trese as they protect Metro Manila from villains from the comic. Players will need to work together to investigate cases, defeat monsters, gain favors, and thwart the mastermind’s diabolical scheme.

*Note: We are still in production so images of the game, logo, and artwork do not reflect the final presentation of the game.

The Game

Play as Trese Characters

Play as either Alexandra Trese, Basilio, Crispin, Maliksi or Capt. Guerero. Each character has their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities that contribute to your team’s strategy.


One Game, Many Stories

Before each game, the players must choose a storyline they would want to play. So far, there are two scenarios based on Cases from the comic.

Case 13: An Act of War


Trese must stop the Talagbusao from manifesting permanently in the physical world. The players must stop his ritual from engulfing the city in violence and chaos.

Case 15: A Private Collection


Trese must reveal the identity of a mysterious collector who has been kidnapping supernatural creatures. The players must stop him before his actions cause a gang war between the Aswang and the Manananggal.

Confront creatures from Philippine Mythology

Solve cases involving Aswang, Manananggal, Tikbalang, Enkanto, and other creatures from Philippine Mythology before they cause a city-wide crisis.


Old images of an early prototype (not the final look)

Gain Favors from the Underworld

Complete side quests connected to familiar characters and locations from the Trese universe like Manang Muning, the Wind Sisters, the Trident Bar, and the Armanaz Tower. To have any hope of victory, you must gain the favor of Manila’s underworld.

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Featuring the art of Kajo Baldisimo

Trese Case Files will be using artwork from the original comics.

Expandable Content

The game is designed so that new scenarios, characters, cases, and other content, can easily be added.

More Characters

Want to play as the Trese siblings? Or Verdugo’s Squad? We can add them through expansions.

New Scenarios

Explore the Trese universe crafted by Budjette and Kajo. So far, two scenarios have been designed based on actual storylines from the Trese comic but we plan to add new scenarios based on Trese’s other adventures.

Monsters from every Nightmare

Philippine Folklore contains a myriad of supernatural creatures and horrors. Which one will we add for you to face off against next?

Crowdfunding Campaign

To make this game happen, we will need your help.

From the latest public playtest held at Laruan Atbp

We plan to start a crowdfunding campaign near the end of July to raise funds for the production of the game’s core set. Please support us by:

  1. Following us at the following for the latest news and developments:
  2. Sharing news about the game to your family, friends, and fellow fans.
  3. Pledging when the campaign is live.

The game will only be made into reality with your help.

As we get closer to the launch of the campaign, we will be releasing more information about the game like:

  • Gameplay Details
  • Artwork
  • Features
  • Playtest schedules
  • Crowdfunding Rewards
  • and many more!

As I earlier said, we are still in Production. We will be releasing artworks little by little to show you how the game will look in it’s final form.

If everything goes according to plan, the game will be released in March 2017.

For starters, please help us choose the right crowdfunding platform by answering this poll.

Thank you and stay tuned for updates! 😀

Trese setting and characters are © of Budjette Tan and Kajo Balidisimo.

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