Balangay Entertainment
Based in Quezon City, Philippines

Founding date:
February, 2014


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Bagani The Card Game
The Big Switch
Darna At Ang Nawawalang Bato

11 Tasaday, La Vista Subdivision, Brgy. Pansol, Quezon City

+63 (02) 9289931


Balangay Entertainment is a tabletop game design group that designs compelling games infused with Philippine culture. Balangay believes in the power of games as an artistic and compelling medium that can entertain as well as drive social and cultural change. They design educational games, Philippine Folklore games, Philippine Popular culture games, and games that are just for fun.


2012-2013: Formation and Hinirang

Balangay was formed in 2012 by Nico Valdez, Aya Carino, Karlo Senga, Aaron Galzote, and Marx Rulloda. They were batchmates in Philippine Science High School (fondly called Pisay) that played Magic the Gathering and other games in high school where the teachers couldn't see them. Originally, they wanted to make a trading card game like Magic the Gathering but based on Philippine Folklore and Indigenous culture. They worked on the project in their spare time but later shelved the project after realizing it wasn't viable at the time.

2014: Going full-time and Resilience: Survive and Thrive

In 2014, Balangay got their big break when they were able to partner with the UP Marine Science Institute to create Resilience: Survive and Thrive (RST). They created RST under the BaRC2 project whose goal was to take the research of UP and make materials out of them for the lay person. They printed 4,000 copies and distributed them to different advocacies, educators, and coastal universities across the Philippines. RST was also accepted and presented at the World Environmental Educational Congress 2015 (WEEC2015) held in Gothenburg, Sweden.

2015-2016: Incorporation, The Big Switch and other projects

In 2015, Balangay incorporated in order to officially work with clients. Balangay then worked with DDB Philippines to create The Big Switch and its companion App which was released on iOS and Android. Balangay also started working on other games like a game based on Heneral Luna and another based on the comic book Trese. The Heneral Luna game has been shelved while the Trese game is still in development.

2016-2017: Darna at ang Nawawalang Bato

In 2016, Balangay was in talks with ABS-CBN to create games based on Mars Ravelo's Darna. In August 2017, Darna at ang Nawawalang Bato was published and released. A year after its release, Darna at ang Nawawalang Bato sold over 4,500 copies.

2018: Bagani: the Card Game

In 2018, Balangay handed over the Publishing side to Ludus Distributors in order to concentrate on game design. Out of this partnership came Bagani: the Card Game which was released in August 2018.



Darna Card Game Tutorial YouTube


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    Team & Repeating Collaborator

    Nicanor Marco P. Valdez
    President, Game Designer

    Marx Ian A. Rulloda
    Vice-President, Game Designer

    Aaron John Elmer G. Galzote

    Karlo A. Senga
    Game Designer, Freelancer

    Bayosa Aya B. Carino-Valdez
    Education Consultant

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